The Gaming Widow

We’ve all heard of the “Sports Widow”, specifically the “Football Widow”. This is a little bit of a twist on the same concept. The Gaming Widow is the wife or girlfriend of a man that games, roll plays, or otherwise gets lost in a fantasy world. Most people consider “gamers” as those that play roll playing games like BattleTech, Dungeons and Dragons etc. They usually go to a small store that has a section devoted to painting miniature figurines to be “played” with during these games. They have specific nights when they go to the “shop” and meet up with their gaming buddies and sit around a table for several hours pretending to be trolls or wizards or elves or galactic battle heroes.

Another genre of the “gamer” is the video gamer. This is the man that sits in front of his game console or computer screen and spends all evening with a remote of some kind in his hands, and possibly a headset attached to his brain. Having a discussion with this man while he is attached to the console is pretty much a waste of time. Unless it’s a question that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, you’re going to be repeating yourself in the very near future. Do NOT attempt a serious discussion during this time. It will inevitably end in an argument.

This brings us to the widow. She is the widow because her man is gone. Even if he is physically in the room, if he is playing his game, he may as well be on another planet. And since the roll playing gamer has gone to the shop anyway, he is, in fact, gone. When the man is at the shop, the woman feels neglected and ignored. When the man is in the house, the feeling is even worse, more pronounced, if you will. There you are cooking his dinner, possibly watching the kids, doing laundry, or just trying to entertain yourself until it’s time for bed, and he’s completely lost in a video screen, completely oblivious to your presence.

Now imagine if you had BOTH of these men, rolled into one. That’s right, the video gamer AND the roll player; the ultimate dork. You love him, but if he spends one more evening at the shop or with his face attached to a headset and video screen, you just might turn into one of those demons or aliens he’s constantly battling and blow his head off. It’s maddening. Sitting there or finishing up chores that you’ve been doing all day, and he’s playing games…. literally. When you’ve finally had enough, you get up and leave the room in a huff and he suddenly wonders what you’re so steamed about. He sees it as unwinding after a long day, you see it as ignoring and neglecting you while your long day continues. The battle wages on with no resolution in sight.