If Someone Had Asked Me

If someone had asked me 10 years ago where I saw myself 10 years in the future, this would not have occurred to me at the time. (Heck – even 5 years ago)

But since that time, I met you; and I made a friend. Not just a friend that has some common interests, or a weakness for baked goods, but a friend that connects to my soul on a deeper vibrational plane.

You have seen me through some of my darkest hours and you have held me up in my moments of weakness. Our road has not been an easy one (for either of us) but it has brought us here, to this moment.

I promise to feed your dreams until the sun no longer shines. I promise to heal your wounds, even if it means my own hands bleed. I promise to hold you close when time draws near. I promise to love you until the drying of the seas.  Nov 3, 2014